Hi. My name is Erik Stafford.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the past fifteen years who all dreamed of starting their own business.

Some didn’t know what they wanted to build.

Others had a big idea, or a burning passion they wanted to turn into a full-time living.

You know what they all had?

Way too many options, and a task list about a mile long.

You need a logo. A website. A business plan. A Facebook page. A landing page. Investors. A funnel. A sales letter. An offer. A blog. Business cards.

I don’t know exactly what’s on your list, but I guess it contains some of the things I listed above…

And I guess it’s probably making you a little crazy.

Maybe even paralyzing you.

Yes, you might need some of the things mentioned above…

But I know three things you definitely need:

  1. Some clarity and focus…
  2. A deep understanding of who you are, and what you do…
  3. And a blueprint for getting that message out into the world.

I can help… You ready?

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