Hi. My name is Erik Stafford.

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and business owners of all shapes and sizes over the past fifteen years…

And many of them (even those who are incredibly successful) wake up one morning and realize the same thing…

I hate my business.

I’ve been there myself, and it’s a painful realization. You see, as entrepreneurs we’re taught to be grateful. We’re taught to believe in abundance and the law of attraction.

And so when I realized I hated my business, it was a tough pill to swallow.

I didn’t want to admit it because truthfully, I had a lot to be grateful for.

I work from home. I wear surf trunks and rarely wear shoes. I get to take time off pretty much whenever I want to hang with my kids, do yoga, or eat lunch at one of my favorite spots.

So life was good…

And yet I dreaded opening my laptop every morning.

Somehow… The passion I had when I started my business was gone.

I hated what I was doing, but I was doing it anyway because it paid the bills and allowed me to live the way I wanted.

But that’s some bullshit, right?

I’m gonna be real with you: If you own your own business but you hate what you’re doing… You might as well have a fucking job.

Maybe you’ve even considered closing your business, and just getting a job!

I know I did.

But I’m here to tell you there’s a better way.

With a little bit of clarity and some small adjustments, it’s possible to completely re-energize your business…

So you can make a lot more money and be a lot happier while you do it.

Want me to show you how?

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