Most entrepreneurs want their businesses to grow, but in my experience they look for that growth in the wrong places.

I get it. I did the same thing.

Hi. My name is Erik Stafford. I’ve build (or helped build) several multi-million dollar businesses over the years, and when we pushed for growth, we always looked at building more funnels, launching more products, and attacking different verticals.

That’s great and all, but eventually I realized I was missing the low hanging fruit.

I was missing opportunities to tweak my existing systems so they were more effective…

Missing opportunities to sell more stuff to my existing customers… Missing opportunities to bond with them on a granular level to really maximize those relationships…

And maybe you are too.

I can help you find opportunities in your existing business so you can increase your leads, sales, and profits without re-inventing the wheel, or building a warehouse full of them.

Sound good? If so…

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