Conversion Consulting

Conversion Consulting

Getting Your Audience To Take Action!

Stafford Marketing brings more than 15 years of Conversion Rate Optimization experience to the table in both the online and offline spaces.

The vast knowledge we've acquired over the years enables us to make recommendations that will improve your conversion rates. We also rely on in-depth analysis, industry best practices, and a deep understanding of persuasion communication, and human behavior that we've acquired over the years.

Bottom line: We can improve your numbers.

We’ve done it time and time again for our clients, and we can do it for you as well.

Generally, our Conversion Consulting services start with an initial Opportunity Audit, which leads to a three month engagement.

During our ongoing engagement, I'll review your marketing every week (or every month, depending on your goals), and make strategic recommendations for you or your team to implement.

Of course, we can also implement these recommendations if you like 🙂

We've provided critique/review sessions as written documents, in person over the phone or on Skype, or even as recorded video sessions.

“Money should be attracted, not pursued.”
- Jim Rohn
“Money should be attracted, not pursued.”
- Jim Rohn
The Process Is Simple:
  • You send us links to your landing pages, sales pages, and funnels.
  • We review your entire sales system, looking for gaps and other places you’re leaving money on the table.
  • We hop on the phone to discuss our recommendations. (We can record a video for you and your team, or deliver a Strategic Recommendations Document if you prefer.)
  • You implement our suggestions, and monitor the results. (We can also handle this part for you, if you prefer)
  • We repeat the process as often as you like!
The Results Speak For Themselves!
  • From zero to 70% conversions on paid traffic...
  • From 1.4% to 2.8% conversions in a single half-day consult, resulting in an extra $240,000 in profits each year...
  • A rebranded fitness company that increased revenues by 110% in less than a year...
  • 1,250 customers into a $50/month membership website in less than a week... Resulting in $62,500 in recurring monthly revenue...
  • And too many more to list...