Opportunity Audits

Opportunity Audits

Highlighting Opportunities Within Your Marketing Eco-System

Your website, social media posts, blog posts, videos, and offline marketing should all be touching on the same themes, stories, and pain points.

Your website and sales funnels should be telling a consistent, compelling story, from first touch all the way through to sales and support.

If that isn’t happening, there’s going to be a big disconnect between you and your customers...

And you'll leave a huge pile of money on the table as a result.

You won’t scale as fast and lean as you could, and won’t achieve the long-term recognition and authority you deserve in your marketplace.

With a Stafford Marketing Opportunity Audit, we take a holistic look at the overall story you tell with your marketing, and we highlight opportunities within that eco-system.

We then deliver a series of strategic recommendations in the form of a written document, a detailed video, or a one-on-one or team teleconference.

You can act on our recommendations, or we can handle the implementation if you prefer.

“There Are No Mistakes, Only Opportunities."
- Tina Fey
“There Are No Mistakes, Only Opportunities."
- Tina Fey
Opportunity Audits Typically Include:
  • A full review of your ad campaigns, social media platforms, websites, landing pages, and sales letters with strategic conversion/split-testing recommendations…
  • A full review of follow-up systems, email sequences, and support systems…
  • An overall review of your entire marketing system for consistency and tone…
  • A follow up call to discuss the results of your audit, create a blueprint, and discuss what’s next.
Opportunity Audits Are Ideal For:
  • Solo-entrepreneurs with a desire to communicate more effectively and increase sales and response...
  • Digital publishers (or online marketers) with multiple channels, funnels, or campaigns...
  • Business brokers with clients who want to add equity, evaluate, or create a growth blueprint for an existing business...
  • Small and large business owners who wants better, more effective marketing!