Small Group Workshops

Small Group Workshops

It All Started With A Simple Question:

The concept for our Small Group Workshops started with a simple question:

What would happen if we put a handful of our favorite business owners and entrepreneurs together in a room, and worked with them individually (and as a group) to really dial in their messaging?

The results were astounding... So much so that these exclusive events have become a cornerstone of how we  impact our clients.

Our Small Group Workshops typically last one day (with a lunch break) and focus on various aspects of Branding, Messaging Strategy, and Offer Creation.

Occasionally, we will extend this format to a more traditional two-day mastermind.

During our time together, we will walk you through several individual and group exercises designed to inspire, educate, and illuminate.

Then we put together a detailed strategy or a quick campaign based on what we come up with.

We usually schedule 4-6 "open enrollment" small group workshops every year in various locations around the globe.

We are also available for private workshops with you and your team as well, either here in South Florida or at the location of your choice.

For larger groups of 15 people or more, please check out our Corporate & Event Speaking page.

A Look Inside Our Small Group Workshops:
Why It Works:

While all businesses are different, most business owners face similar struggles.

Putting yourself in an environment with like-minded entrepreneurs and working together can be liberating. 

We also tend to operate in our own little bubble... A Stafford Marketing Small Group Workshop gives you the opportunity to get fresh outside perspectives on your marketing and logistics...

And make connections and partnerships that drive revenue!

Upcoming Workshops:
  • March 2018: Messaging Strategy
    Cape Coral, Florida
  • July 2018: Messaging Strategy
    Tokyo, Japan
  • September 2018: Messaging Strategy
    New Orleans, Louisiana
  • November 2018: Messaging Strategy
    The Cayman Islands